Last Updated: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 14:01:46 UTC

version 0.31.1

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.19.2)

version 0.31.0

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.19.0)

version 0.30.3

bug fixes
  • fix spontaneous spells being marked as prepared. this should fix signature spells not working
  • updated spell-template to match modern format

version 0.30.2

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.18.0)

version 0.30.1

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.17.1)

version 0.30.0

bug fixes
  • stop alertness from being added twice
  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.16.4)
  • add support for gunslinger and inventor
  • add mappings for gunslinger and inventor feats/class abilities

version 0.29.0

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.15.1)
  • updated the base blank template to include crafting/formulas

version 0.28.3

bug fixes
  • fix small bug with wizard and druid elementalist that prevented them from importing

version 0.28.2

bug fixes
  • fix rogue racket: thief
  • fix sorcerer, rogue, wizard elementalist (I think)
  • strip Elementalist from class name to prevent the import from breaking.

version 0.28.1

bug fixes
  • fix missing class ability/class HP for magus/summoner
  • fix missing spell type for magus (summoner varies per eidolon, so more work needed here)

version 0.28.0

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.13.5)
  • added handling for Teacher background
  • added mappings for True Transmogification (sic), Manifest Eidolon, Act Toogether, Share Senses
  • deprecated adding of class features to prevent duplicates from showing up on PCs.

version 0.27.1

bug fixes
  • fix elementalist dedication

version 0.27.0

  • add support for elementalist wizards

version 0.26.3

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.13.0)

version 0.26.2

bug fixes
  • fixed desecrator not importing

version 0.26.1

  • add class to export under hlo flags

version 0.26.0

  • fix incompatabilities with latest version (2.11), particularly, ancestry, background, focus points, class
  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.11.1)

version 0.25.0

  • save element token to json upon conversion

version 0.24.1

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.10.1)

version 0.24.0

  • update all data sources (PF2e version 2.9.0)

version 0.23.1

bug fixes
  • fixed ring of energy resistances not importing properly
  • fixed roman numeral capitalization problems
  • fixed some bugs with wand imports
  • fixed some bugs with staff imports
  • fixed name issues when importing: boots of speed, boots of dancing, winged boots, holy water, horseshoes of speed
  • fixed some issues with the pilgrims token item
  • added mappings for items: Pyrite Rat, Thieves tools replacement picks, dragonorbs, aligned robes of the archmagi, snares and giant snares, metalmist spheres, marvelous medicines
  • added mappings for spells: speak with plants, transmute rock and mud, blanket of stars, 'all is one, one is all,' astral labyrinth
  • made container mapping slightly better
  • fixed the item-template used when certain items are imported to use the latest format

version 0.23.0

bug fixes
  • fixed roman numbers from not all being capitalized in gear item names
  • fixed some potion/elixir/item strengths from not mapping correctly and showing up as ()
  • added mappings for items: bullhook, celestial peach (rejuvination), cordelia's greater construct key, cursed dreamstone, ganjay book, alchemist goggles (greater), aeon stone azure briolette, eagle eye elixirs, belt of good health

version 0.22.8

  • certain items that are classified as gear by HLO were not being assigned the correct runes. This has been accounted for (only tested on handwraps, please let me know if you find others)
  • added mapping for High-quality Scrounger feat

version 0.22.7

  • added a warning to explain a HLO bug with sorcerer bloodlines.

version 0.22.6

  • added mappings for feats: Vicious Vengeance, Finishing Follow-through, Infinite Possibilities
  • added mappings for the Champion oaths for good alignments
  • added mapping for the Litany against Sloth focus spell

version 0.22.5

  • added mappings for feats: Eternal Blessing, Tweak Appearances, Alchemist Field and Greater Field Discovery
  • reworked the entire Alchemist "Perpetual ___" feat series

version 0.22.4

bug fixes
  • Oversized Throw no longer throws an irrelevant error
  • added mappings for feats: Everyone's a Suspect, Forsee Danger, Shake it Off, Suspect of Opportunity
  • added mapping for infiltrator/concealable replacement pick

version 0.22.3

bug fixes
  • Ranger Weapon Expertise no longer throws an irrelevant error
  • added mappings for feats: Field Discovery (Mutagenist), Reckless Abandon (Goblin), Skill Mastery (Rogue), Roll with It, Hefting Shadow, Dragonslayer Oath, Shadow's Assault.
  • added support for boons and curses from dieties

version 0.22.2

bug fixes
  • fixed a bug that prevent Token Action HUD from displaying on spellcasters.

version 0.22.1

bug fixes
  • fix issues with some skills

version 0.22.0

bug fixes
  • fix issues with some wands failing to import
  • potential fix for armor importing and giving you a weird AC when equipped/invested
  • multiple assurances werent importing correctly
  • convert some string integers to int
  • enable tokens to show health bar to all by default
  • changed ancestry/heritage parser to work better with half-elf and half-orc
  • add arcane school on import

version 0.21.3

  • Changed token name to hovered by all as default (was hovered by owner)

version 0.21.2

bug fixes
  • fix crash caused by custom armor not having a dex mod cap

version 0.21.1

bug fixes
  • fix token having the wrong actor ID
  • add origin to effects. this is required for the next step -- making them go away if a feat is removed

version 0.21.0

bug fixes
  • Fixed missing mapping for swashbucker weapon expertise
  • added processing for effects derived from feats and class abilities

version 0.20.4

  • added mappings for feat: Storm Born
  • added mappings for class feature: Storm Order

version 0.20.3

  • update all data sources (PF2e version

version 0.20.2

  • update all data sources (PF2e version

version 0.20.1

bug fixes
  • Fixed image for diety from png to webp

version 0.20.0

  • update all data sources (PF2e version

version 0.19.0

bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash due to wands and scrolls not having spells attached
  • Fixed bug where wands in backpacks would be missed
  • Prevent blank assurance feat from being added
  • Prevent same feat from being added twice
  • update all data sources (PF2e version

version 0.18.3

bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash due to lore skill not being detected in some cases.

version 0.18.2

bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash where the selected choice for Specialty Crafting wasn't found.

version 0.18.1

bug fixes
  • fixed bug with dueling parry feat that crashed the converter
  • update all data sources (PF2e version

version 0.18.0

bug fixes
  • fixed an issue where gear could not be parsed if it had leading or trailing spaces in the name
  • in certain cases, a subset of feats would be skipped and not logged. now they are logged with a descriptive error
  • in some cases, an incorrect error was displayed
  • better support for equipment
  • no longer automatically mark custom feats as "not found" -- they're given a fair shake to see if they exist before being marked as "not found"
  • added mappings for abilities: Invigorating Fear
  • added mappings for class features: Forensic Medicine Methodology, Arcane Thesus: Staff Nexus
  • added mappings for feats: Inifnite Possibilities, Tide-hardened, Dueling Parry
  • added Signature Items from HLO as reaserch field entries with the signature item in the title
  • mapped the incorrectly spelled feat "Infinite Possilbilites" to the correct feat
  • mapped the incorrectly spelled spell "Catacylsm" to the correct spell

version 0.17.3

bug fixes
  • fixed a bug where staves and wands could be imported incorrectly, then difficult/impossible to delete
  • fixed a bug where CN and LN alignment's didn't properly map
  • fixed a bug where multiple nested items would get the same unique ID, which created strange behavior in the inventory

version 0.17.2

  • update all data sources (PF2e version

version 0.17.1

  • added mappings for feat: Tide-hardened

version 0.17.0

new features
  • added basic support for drag-and-drop ABC character creation. Class and Background feats/abilities are automatically added.
bug fixes
  • A bug was preventing most backgrounds from properly converting/importing
  • wizard drain bonded item wasn't being added for wizards with a familiar as their bonded "item"
  • class hp is no longer parsed from HLO export. it is now derived from class per the classes compendium in foundry

version 0.16.2

bug fixes
  • under certain conditions, no focus points crashes the parser

version 0.16.1

bug fixes
  • armor in containers wasn't properly imported

version 0.16.0

new features
  • added support for High-Quality Weapons and Armor variant rules
  • added mappings for equipment: eagle eye elixir, conducting rune, soaring rune
  • added mappings for action: invigorating fear
  • added work-around for incorrectly spelled spell: Shadows's Web -> Shadow's Web

version 0.15.0

bug fixes
  • lesser sturdy shield mapping fixed
  • fixed an issue that could prevent some feats from being added
  • update all data sources (PF2e version
  • added mappings for equipment: dwarven war axe, energy mutagens, sawtooth saber
  • added mappings for spells: speak with animals, glutton's jaw
  • basic support for doubling rings
  • added support for feats: specialty crafting, deny advantage, path to perfection, alchemical sciences methodology, shared luck, shattering strike, derring-do, counterspell

version 0.14.3

bug fixes
  • monk perception table was wrong, giving expert and master, instead of trained and expert
  • fix missing wild shape for druids

version 0.14.2

bug fixes
  • fixed a bug where custom magic items could break an export if they are in a container

version 0.14.1

  • update data sources: equipment (PF2e version

version 0.14.0

  • added code to parse all class abilities that have a level in their name
  • fixed evasion to match above

version 0.13.2

bug fixes
  • fixed code crash

version 0.13.1

  • do some magic to make resolve feat work

version 0.13.0

  • update data sources: actions, ancestryfeatures, classfeatures, equipment, feats, spells (PF2e version
  • a few changes to support the new character sheets and data sources such as:
  • fix wild empathy, divine smite, exalt, signature spells, methodology

version 0.12.4

  • empty spell books no longer crash the converter

version 0.12.3

  • add flag in export to show its for pf2e system

version 0.12.2

  • support wild druidic order (adds "Wild" to abilities)

version 0.12.1

  • support for new dragon instinct format in Foundry VTT

version 0.12.0

  • support for new version of PF2e system (drag and drop ancestry and background)

version 0.11.1

  • support for Path for Perfection feats
  • support for verdant weapons

version 0.11.0

  • support for shared luck halfling/catfolk
  • support for Arcane Thesis: Staff Nexus
  • support for Basic and Advanced Trickery feats
  • support for Mountain's Stoutness and You're Next. This was due to ’ instead of '. This fix shoudl fix any other feats with the ’ character
  • support for lifesense (I also submitted a patch to PF2e foundry to support this change)
  • support elemental gems
  • support for mastermind racket
  • support for weirdly named specialty crafting feats
  • initial support for alchemist feat typing. bomber supported; perpetual infusions/potency supported
  • support Toxicologist and Field Discovery (Toxicologist)
  • added Conjurer wizard support. oops!
  • support magical hide armor
  • mapped "thurible of revelation, standard" -> "Thurible of Revelation (Lesser)"
  • silence error on gourd head, Pack animal, Fifth Doctrine
  • support for Side by Side feat (druid/ranger)
  • support for Aeon Stone, Dull Grey (gray in HLO). This shoudl also prevent most other mismatched spellings of the word gray/grey
  • update data sources: actions, ancestryfeatures, classfeatures, equipment, feats, spells (PF2e version 1.10.32)

version 0.10.15

bug fixes
  • rope was being imported asquantity 50 x 50 foot rope instead of 1 x 50 foot rope. rope is now imported correctly in 50 foot quantity increments

version 0.10.14

bug fixes
  • Gymnast stype now supported
  • update data sources: actions, ancestryfeatures, classfeatures, equipment, feats, spells

version 0.10.13

  • no longer print error for feats exported with "(Instinct Ability)" in name

version 0.10.12

bug fixes
  • fixed bloodline: aberrant
  • update data sources: actions, ancestryfeatures, classfeatures, equipment, feats, spells

version 0.10.11

bug fixes
  • fixed bug where infused items could be missed within containers
  • fixed mark for death being missed
  • support wit & Braggart style
  • support Basic Finisher action
  • support feats with incorrectly captilized words (like the, a, for, to)
  • support for ratfolk cheek pouches
  • support quick stow (ratfolk/swordmaster)
  • additional support to cover more actions automatically
  • mapped skeleton key, standard
  • better output for internal debugging

version 0.10.10

bug fixes
  • fixed regression bug on champions
  • notify when class is nonexistant, rather than error out

version 0.10.9

  • update data sources: actions, ancestryfeatures, classfeatures, equipment, feats, spells

version 0.10.8

bug fixes
  • fixed aberrant bloodline
  • fixed lore mystery
  • support chirurgeon
  • support ruffian racket
  • support mark for ddeath
  • support boarding assault
  • support threatening approach
  • support outwit
  • support deja vu spell
  • cleaned up some code
  • dont throw error on barbarian anathema

version 0.10.7

bug fixes
  • characters without a land speed no longer fail to convert

version 0.10.6

  • better support for actions
  • the following actions now map correctly: iron command
  • added support for evil champion subclasses (desecrator, antipaladin and tyrant)

version 0.10.5

bug fixes
  • empty spellbooks no longer error
  • no longer throw error on Nymph (bloodline)
  • the following items now map correctly: replacement filters, pilgrim's token, study shield variants, astrolabe variants, chain, collar of empathy (master's bracelet), concealable picks, deteriorating dust, bullseye lanter, virtuoso instruments, false manacles, greater marvelous medicine, marked playing cards, aligned oil, potion of flying & swimming, primeval mistlestoe, disguise kit cosmetics, scroll cases, necklace of fireballs, poisonous cloak, dragonplate, elemental wayfinders, robe of the archmagi,
  • the following feats/abilities now map correctly: empiricism/empiricism methodology, sorcerer counterspell, expeditious inspection, follow-up strike

version 0.10.4

  • no longer throw error on Psychopomp (bloodline)
  • mapped "Hellknight Signifier Dedication" to "Hellknight Signifer Dedication"

version 0.10.3

  • updated the data packs from the latest version of PF2e system (1.10.22)

version 0.10.2

  • mapped "Fencer" to "Fencer Style"

version 0.10.1

new features

  • added logic to handle sturdy shield
bug fixes
  • fixed some rogue rackets not being properly detected
  • fixed issue where anathema wasn't being properly set
  • no longer throw error on Hag (bloodline)
  • mapped "Known Weakness" to "Known Weaknesses"
  • better handling of evasion feat
  • energy emanation supported
  • better handling of characters with a "dual class" separated by "/" - the first class found in the export is assumed to be primary. This covers class specific feats, hp and other things that directly relate to class

version 0.10.0

new features

  • added logic to handle basic custom armor
  • added logic to handle basic custom valuables
  • added logic to handle basic custom magic items
  • added logic to handle basic custom invested magic items
  • added logic to handle rings of resistance
bug fixes
  • fixed some infused items being missed by parser
  • fixed spells not matching due to ’ character
  • no longer throw error on Third Doctrine, Shadow (bloodline)
  • cleaned up some internal debugging

version 0.9.8

bug fixes
  • fixed key ability not being properly filled out
  • fixed cantrips on staves
  • fixed mapping for book of translation standard and advanced

version 0.9.7

bug fixes
  • fixed redeemer

version 0.9.6

bug fixes
  • in rare cases, container search would cause a crash

version 0.9.5

bug fixes
  • certain conditions prevented spell entries from being created with the correct types. this tool still makes assumptions on what grants each spell, as the data from HLO doesn't provide that information
  • internal change to logging

version 0.9.4

new features

  • added support for custom alchemical items
bug fixes
  • fixed all signature spell issues (hopefully)
  • added mapping for wall of flesh time spell
  • mapped a few more items
  • mapped a few more feats (mostly alchemist related)

version 0.9.3

bug fixes
  • fixed a typo that broke the tool in 0.9.2
  • added mapping for curse of lost time spell

version 0.9.2

new features

  • added another variation to check for item names
bug fixes
  • divine ally should now work
  • fixed mapping for orc necksplitter, merchant's scale and two sets of thieves' tools

version 0.9.1

  • fixed a loop problem

version 0.9.0

new features

  • scrolls are now supported
  • added another variation to check for feat names
  • added another variation to check for item names
  • added another variation to check for spell names
  • champion cause and tenets are now added based on alignment
  • support infused alchemical items
bug fixes
  • spell substitution now supported
  • resist elf magic now supported
  • bag of holding type 2 and up weren't properly working
  • fixed some wondrous items not mapping correctly
  • fixed an issue with explorers clothing (and maybe others)
  • workaround for sacred defense due to issue in foundry
  • notify user that infused reagents arent supported
  • did some work on magic staffs
  • work around for sacred defense
  • added support for some missing
  • fix some mapping of items

version 0.8.0

new features

  • nested containers are now supported
  • basic support for custom items
  • basic support for alchemical items
  • more support for items that have multiple types (eg: thieves' tools: infiltrator, concealable, replacement picks, etc)
  • assurance now displays the skill the PC has assurance in
bug fixes
  • some/many items were not being put in their parent containers
  • added some rogue feats that were missed by the parser
  • ranger hunters edge: precision was missed, not anymore
  • expanded test suite to 40
  • put in logging for Signature Spells issues
  • it appears as though HLO exports rogues with the thief racket as having no racket. the code now assumes they are thief unless one of the others are found

version 0.7.3

new features

  • support wondrous figurines
  • added liberating step action
  • changed the way some internal copying of data worked

version 0.7.2

bug fixes
  • fix liberator not being classified as champion

version 0.7.1

new features

  • HP set to value from HLO
bug fixes
  • some classes caused the spell parser to crap out, creating a file that couldn't be imported.
  • force each export to have a unique _id
  • optimize a loop

version 0.7.0

new features

  • focus spells are now supported
bug fixes
  • fixed issue where spell pools could have the tradition listed twice instead of perpared/spontaneous + tradition format
  • changed some default values on spell template

version 0.6.2

new features

  • added support for a few ranger feats
  • added support for eldritch trickster feat
bug fixes
  • fixed: if you had multiple containers of the same type (like belt pouches), they were being assigned the same ID, so items would not properly assign to individual containers
  • magic items not detected in some scenarios
  • fixed issue wher oracle mysters weren't properly checked
  • +# runestones were being mistakenly identified as magic weapons/armor.

version 0.6.1

bug fixes
  • edge case where perception mod not set
  • fixed a missing space in debug output

version 0.6.0

new features

  • spellbook support
  • drain bonded item supported
bug fixes
  • fixed all wizard pseudoclasses to wizard class
  • provide info on spell conversion capabilities and proficiencies

version 0.5.5

new features
  • support for bag of holding and writing set extras
  • support for sense distance values (such as scent 30 ft)
  • support precise strike and battledancer
  • notify that customweapons aren't supported
bug fixes
  • fixed staff bug
  • fixed poor english in output feedback

version 0.5.4

bug fixes
  • fixed some custom lores being missed

version 0.5.3

new features
  • create missing witch familiar from herolab
bug fixes
  • fixed issue that was causing some items to not be found
  • fixed enchanter pseudoclass to wizard class
  • fixed crash when spell doesnt exist
  • fixed issue relating to mismatched staves
  • added a small test suite to verify converter works before I push it live

version 0.5.2

new features
  • herolab doesn't export Attack of Opportunity (the feat) for fighters, only the class ability. I built in a work-around to ensure that both the class ability and feat are added to the FVTT import
  • cleaned up some debug code

version 0.5.1

bug fixes
  • fixed issue preventing staff feature from working. oops

version 0.5.0

new features
  • staff support

version 0.4.7

bug fixes
  • fixed crash with character had no traits

version 0.4.6

new features
  • wand support
  • pretty json output

version 0.4.5

new features
  • more item support

version 0.4.4a

  • missed a line in last commit

version 0.4.4

bug fixes
  • bug fix on spell processor

version 0.4.3

new features
  • now supports certain clothing items
  • notifies user that animals aren't supported
bug fixes
  • magic item detector was including non-magic items
  • items in containers were broken under cetrain conditions which caused the conversion to fail

version 0.4.2

bug fixes
  • fixed bug with spells not working due to a bad variable in the code

version 0.4.1

bug fixes
  • previous version introduced a bug with items and prevented the converter from working
  • fixed bloodline magic for sorcerers
  • refactored code for spells to better support future endeavors

version 0.4.0

new features
  • now supports magic armor and weapon/armor materials and grades.
  • better error detection
  • now detects version of export file to ensure compatability with HLO export.
bug fixes
  • sometimes paladins didnt get the proper class HP
  • retributive strike wasn't being added

version 0.3.4

new features
  • oracle mysteries supported
  • added code to rename weapons with their properties eg: a dagger with a striking rune a +1 potency rune and a flaming rune would be named +1 Flaming Striking Dagger
  • refactored code in the spell detection area and in helper functions

version 0.3.3a

  • nothing to see here, just updated some backend data

version 0.3.3

bug fixes
  • fixed goblin song not importing
  • fixed bug with multiple Lore skills importing getting duplicated as a single lore
  • fixed a bug where a character could be exported without a name. unnamed characters are not importable to foundry

version 0.3.2a

  • minor change of debug output

version 0.3.2

bug fixes
  • fixed some missing/broken items that weren't beimg imported due mismatch case

version 0.3.1

new features
  • added logging for missed spells
  • added logging for missed gear/items/weapons
bug fixes
  • fixed anathema from saying it was missing when it wasn't

version 0.3.0

new features
  • gear and containers seem to mostly work!
  • magic weapon support added. runes of all sorts should work
  • with weapon support comes weapon type proficiency support. If you notice something missing, please file a bug report.
  • perception proficiency rank calculated by base class and level. If you have feats or other things that adjust this, they are not accounted for. Please file a bug report.

version 0.2.1

bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where PCs that had more speeds than land (such as climb or fly) would cause an error, preventing a conversion.

version 0.2.0

new features
  • major feature added - spell support. currently supports spells stored on the user. for prepared casters, this means their currently prepared spells. for spontaneous casters, this should include all their basic spells.
known issues
  • spells on familiars aren't added
  • innate spells aren't added
  • spells from wands/staffs/other sources aren't added

version 0.1.6

new features
  • added support for DR
  • added support for barbarian instincts (this covers anathema and instinct abilities)
  • added support for greater darkvision, scent, tremorsense
  • the code now attempts to find feats/abilities in the format of both: "featname" and "featname (classname)", as some feats/abilities in foundry use the second naming convention.
bug fixes
  • Defy The Darkness wasn't being added

version 0.1.5

bug fixes
  • fixed broken import due to bad size value
  • fixed ability score mod 0 being string, should be int

version 0.1.4

new features
  • character traits
  • ancestry
  • ethnicity
  • class dc and ability score detection (not 100% accurate for classes that can have multiple key class abilites. assumptions are made based on class and score values)
  • low light and dark vision
  • pc size detection
  • PFS ID and fame
  • heritage detection (note: herolab doesnt always export heritage, this is an issue on their side.)
bug fixes
  • i think sorcerer bloodlines are now detected properly
  • improved familiar supported

version 0.1.3

bug fixes
  • half elf ancestry hp was broken
  • missing ancestry or races resulted in failure
  • missing rank resulted in failure
  • missing XP resulted in failure

version 0.1.2

bug fixes
  • fixed hitpoints being written as string instead of integer. this caused the max HP to show a weird value until certain actions were taking in fvtt

version 0.1.1

new features
  • lore skills
bug fixes
  • fixed skill parser

version 0.1

initial version, shoudl support basic functionality including:

  • ability scores
  • skills
  • Ancestry
  • Background
  • Class
  • Level
  • Ancestry/Class HP
  • many feats and class/ancestry features and abilities
  • movement speed
  • languages
  • saves
  • name
  • deity

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