How To Use

Step #1

Click the three dots next to the character you want to export.

Step #2

Click "Export/Integrate..."

Step #3

Click "Retrieve Export Data". This will take a moment to populate the textarea below.

Step #4

Once the textarea is populated, click "copy to clipboard."

Step #5

Go to and paste the contents into the textarea.

Step #6

Click "Convert!"

Step #7

Take note of any feats/abilities that were not found, you will need to manually add them in Foundry. Click "Download Converted Character" to get the converted Herolab character. Do note the ID number at the bottom -- this ID is required for me to help you troubleshoot. The ID number is also the name of the downloaded file.

Step #8

Log in to Foundry and go to the Actors tab. Create a new Actor (or have your GM do it). Right click on the Actor (temp in the example) and click "Import Data"

Step #9

Click "Choose File" and select the file you downloaded in Step #7.

Step #10

Now that the file is selected, click "Import". Congratulations, you're done! Repeat this process for any other Characters you wish to import.

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